Mother Son Communication

December 27, 2013
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What We Do

When communication between mothers and sons is open, honest, and without shame… Sons lose their fear of being smothered. Mothers can learn to let go and trust their sons. Families thrive.


To help mothers and sons:

– Establish boundaries
– Use blame/ shame-free communication skills

To be a stand for open communication about really difficult topics…

So that mothers want to learn about their sons with curiosity, as they become more confident in these independently growing beings…

Providing an accepting environment where boys can feel free to discover and express their growth toward their true feelings… even though it is an archetypal challenge for mothers to let go.

From Erin:Open communication between mothers and sons is crucial to boys’ healthy development… within themselves, for their relationships with women, for their relationships with ANY big challenge they have with their lives and with their emotions, and as MEN who will be contributing to this WORLD…If our emotional reactions are (understandably-to-us) big, we usually overwhelm our boys’ circuits. Boys need men to guide them in receiving/ translating our emotions. When they don’t have that, they withdraw, collapse or attack when we have big reactions.

Our reactions can shut them down, not leaving space for THEM, even as they are LEARNING their emotions. If they feel shamed by us (rather easy for us to do semi-consciously), all openness is lost… until WE re-create it.

It is crucial for US as mothers… for our healthy progression from mother to guide as they grow up. It is crucial for us to let go… to begin to learn to let go… to PRACTICE letting go from the time they are babies, until well after college. Women learning our boundaries, and gently but clearly, holding ourselves and our sons to them, as well as honoring our sons boundaries… is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.