Mother Son Communication

How We Work

1- Mom, you will begin by contacting Erin (see below). You and Ian and I will do a brief (about 20 min.) consultation call/ Skype where I’ll ask you to be very direct and concise about what you notice is going on now between you and your son, and what your desires are. We’ll assess what level of attention the current situation needs.

I am a coach. Ian has a certificate in mediation. I am adamant about what is “outside our scope of practice” and want to be clear with you if it sounds from the beginning like therapy or a more serious intervention is in order.

We focus on building communication skills and clarifying boundaries. Setting the tone for your future relationship. We will help you as far as the limits of our practice take us!

2- After our initial consultation, we schedule a time for all four of us to Skype for 90 minutes.

Ian will speak privately with your son to hear his perspective. During that time, I’ll be hearing from you any extra insights you’ve had since our consultation call. (about 15-20 min.)

3- Ian and I will speak on our own (about 15 min.) to establish a cohesive plan of action for that day.

4- The four of us will either work together on the call, or Ian will work with your son and I will work with you, for our first coaching session (the remaining 60 min.).

5- We will check in with you within the next few days, see how the session is integrating, and what structure/ timing for sessions will best serve to support your family.

In our coaching together, Ian and I will not be offering any judgment on the content of your boundaries. You, as Mom, will be setting your own standards, morals and boundaries about sex, drugs, porn, etc.

What we’ll be working with is HOW you choose to:
1- SPEAK to your son about your ethics and decisions
2- LISTEN to your son about his exploration of these real-life topics
3- work with ACCEPTING that he will be making his own choices in life… and holding your hand through the possibility that they may be radically different from your own.

If you are utterly afraid of where you both are/ where he is right now, you are in the right place, researching working with us.

If you think that there is only one way to do things right, then working with Ian and me probably won’t be a match for you.


20 minute consultations are complimentary.

90 minute sessions are $300 USD,
payable via PayPal to

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